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Keith Clark was born in 1961 in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in the small artist community of Brown County, Indiana. Keith began drawing at an early age, and by high school was selling pen & ink sketches at local galleries. Clark left Indiana to study Architecture at the University of Cincinnati, where he received a Bachelor of Architecture in 1985 and continued to hone his drawing skills. He practiced architecture and design in Washington, DC for many years, but always desired to paint again.


In 2004 Clark moved to Ft. Lauderdale intent on painting again. Here he discovered ArtExplosion and joined the Board of ArtsUnited, which inspired him to pick up his paintbrush again. He has participated in several local art shows, and had his first solo show in May 2006.


At first glance, Clark’s paintings appear to be simple graphic compositions, but closer inspection reveals a depth of layer, color, and texture. Clark describes his work as Post-expressionistic. “I like to pull the viewer into my paintings, to discover emotional elements in the voids, not through the forms themselves but through the texture of the paint, the voracity of the application, the layers of color, and the contrast of light to dark.”


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